Monday, May 12, 2008

So Far Behind.....

Life has been moving pretty fast around here. Here is a list of what we've been doing, just off the top of my head.

I accidentally dumped Lauren's fish down the drain while cleaning out the fish bowl. She cried. I felt so bad.
I got a speeding ticket, the first one of my life. I have been driving since I was fourteen.
Mike passed his tests and graduated on May 9th. It was a proud moment for all of us.
Harrison had his seventh birthday on may 9th, too. He got a new bike (a 21 speed) and loves it. We had a late night pizza party complete with cake after graduation because he didn't want to wait until Saturday for his party. He thought that Mike graduating was a great birthday present, but didn't want to feel shafted, either.
The hunt is in full swing for a new job. Mike has his NCLEX boot camp this week starting tomorrow but already has some interviews set up for next week.
Caleb lost another tooth.
Lauren has turned into a thrill seeker since the weather has turned nice. She comes speeding down the hill on her bike, loves to climb trees, went up really high on the climbing wall (about 40 feet) at the LL Bean kids festival, and reminded me of Pocahontas when we went to New Hampshire the other day. She was climbing up some really big rocks and standing right at the edge with no fear. My hands were sweating as I watched her.
Laurette (Mike's 95 year old great aunt whom we are very close to) was told by her doctor that she isn't safe living alone any more. Mike has P.O.A so we have some decisions to make concerning her care. We do not want her to go to a nursing home. That will kill her!! We are going to go visit her tomorrow (sans enfants) after Mike's class to talk about options.
We have received some very generous gifts (in the form of gift certificates) from some wonderful people who want to congratulate us and give us a great way to do some fun things as a family. Tonight we went to Gifford's after FHE and had a lovely ice cream treat. Mmmmmm!!! Thank you again, friends.
Mike has been called into the stake again. His new calling will mean lots of travel.
Much to Caleb's delight, we went on a tour of the USS Albacore on Thursday. It is a retired (landlocked) submarine in New Hampshire. The kids had a great time there. Afterwards we went to the Sea Coast Science Museum and that was amazing. My favorite part was the sea horses. They are so beautiful. The kids loved the touch tank. After the museum closed we spent some time down at the rocky beach investigating tide pools, collecting seaweed and sea shells and watching boats. It was a lovely family day. We laughed alot and really enjoyed being a family sans the pressure of homework. We are so glad those days are OVER!!!