Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sweet Enough

She is growing so fast.

Cookie Pops

The annual Kid Stuff Sale is coming up this Saturday.  On Tuesday I was able to go and volunteer to get things ready.  There are a lot of things to be done and Barb does an amazing job of getting things organized.  She does this every year.  All of the money raised goes to scholarships for kids to attend summer camp.  My children have received scholarships in the past, so volunteering to help with the sale is just one way I can return the favor. I really enjoy serving in the community.  It's a great way to get out of the house, think outside my family, make new friends and do a good deed.  Mike's schedule affords me these opportunities.
They sell baked goods there, too.  This year I wanted to make something.  The first time I saw, tasted and discovered these beauties was at the Kid Stuff sale a few years ago.  I don't even know what they are called, we call them "Cookie Pops."
You need:
Double Stuff Oreos
Sucker or  popcycle sticks
Chocolate bark or milk chocolate chips (melted)

And that's it.  They are so cute and so fun to make.  Here are a few tips......
1) Only put the stick half way into the cookie.  The frosting acts like cement to keep the two cookies together, so if you put the stick in too far, they come apart.
2) Keep your chocolate really warm so it's runny.  Too much chocolate makes the cookie fall off the stick.  
Happy cookie pop making!!!!


So Far Behind

Today was about the injured sparrow, 

Pizza Hut for dinner, playing "camping", finding toys to get rid of, and many discussions about Aunt Stephanie (the children are very concerned) and precious prayers for the one who has been poisoned.    I am so humbled by their faith and their hearts of compassion.  They genuinely care about people, especially our family.  Here are the highlights of their evening prayers. (Well, the ones I heard, anyway.  C&L have their personal prayers alone now............sniff sniff)
Caleb gave the family prayer tonight.....
"Please bless Aunt Stephanie that the poison will leave her body soon.  Give her strength to overcome this.  We love her so much and don't want her to suffer."
Harrison in his personal prayer.....
(let me preface by saying that ever since Savannah got sick, and we started praying for her as a family, he has always said "thank for that...." such and such will happen.  He never asks in a "please bless that......." or "we ask thee........" kind of way.  I think it's cute that he always thanks Heavenly Father in advance for the blessings that he has the faith to receive before he ever receives them.)
Anyway, so tonight he says:
"Thank You for that I love my Aunt Stephanie and she loves me.  Thank You for that she will get better and she won't die.  Thank for that Trevy won't be worried about her because I love him, too.  Thank you for that she will feel better tomorrow.  Thank you for that I know that you love her."
Lauren in her personal prayer:
I know that Jesus loves Aunt Stephanie and Jesus loves us all.  Please bless her that she will get better. Please help her tummy ache to go away and the bad food will go out of her tummy so she can feel better.  I love her because she is my aunt.  Mommy loves her, too.
Liam in his (prompted) personal prayer:
Peese bess Aunt Nanafee she get bettah.  
Prayer works, this we know.  Since we can't help our sick loved one in any other way, we will continue to keep her in our prayers.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Today In Pictures


Mommy Moment

Love. This. Baby.

I love her sweet breath.  I love it when I kiss her feet and she sticks her toes in my nose.  I love her soft, squooooshey thighs.  I love it when she nurses and I am left with her ear print on my arm.  I love her smile, her tiny toes, her pinky fingernails, her long eye lashes, her giggle and the way she looks at me when she wants to be picked up.  I love her sweet voice and the way she mimics sounds.  I love(d) her fuzzy ears.  Her dimple is delightful and her cheeks are sweet enough to eat.
She likes breast milk, formula, Nuk pacifiers and her head lightly tapped while nursing.  She has the stinkiest farts of any baby I have ever known.  If she is fussy, change her diaper--instant mood change, especially the wiping part.  She loves it!!  She likes to nap in her swing and loves loud music.  Burps bother her-a lot.  She doesn't like perfume or cologne, either.  (Weird, huh?)  She is a light sleeper, even though she lives in a house with (almost) constant chaos.  She could count to two when she was a week old.  She proved this to us by always demanding a second course of the meal after completing the first.  She loves to be outside, or even look outside.  Her nick names are 'Sweet Cakes, Baby Cakes, AudPod and Munchkin."
I can't imagine our life without her.  She is a perfect fit and a joy to have in our home.

Beautiful Feet


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Somethin' To Blog About

The weather has turned nice, which means, we have moved outside.  We have been enjoying the sunshine.  And....ALL of our snow is gone.  The last little bit of it melted yesterday.  Now we can officially say it's spring. But that's not the only indication.......
Trees are budding, robins have returned, scraped knees are a daily occurrence, toys strewn about the yard, sandals have been dug out of the basement, the water hose has been on, bees are a buzin' and we have even had a few mosquito bites.
Friday was earth day.  We celebrated by taking a walk on the Whistle Stop (an old railroad bed turned walking/snowmobiling/biking/four wheeling haven) trail, leaving it better off than we found it.  We went with another homeschooling family.  Together we were able to make a big difference.

After our walk, we went to the store to get our supplies for our garden.  We took a short cut this year by buying plants instead of seeds.  In years past, the seeds just haven't done well, so we decided to try something different.  We bought four tomato plants, yellow pepper, strawberries, oregano, rosemary, lettuce, parsley, Georgia collards and spearmint.  Another change; we planted them in buckets instead of the ground, as our yard has proven to be infertile.  I didn't buy enough soil to fill the buckets, and if I put them too low, they wouldn't get enough sun because they were too low.  So my solution was to saw off the top half of the buckets and that's what I did.  I felt so powerful with that power saw!!!
The result:

The kids wanted to raise frogs again this year.  During our walk Lundi was on the look out for frog eggs.

She found some!!!!

We took a bowl with us so that we could bring them home.  I couldn't find the kiddie pool that we used last year, so I bought a new one foe $7.00.  We added leaves, dirt, water and frog eggs to create our very own frog habitat.
The end result:

You will notice that the top ring of the pool is deflated.  That happened when Harrison fell on it the other day.  If I would have had my camera, the scene would have won me a million bucks on Americas Funniest Home Videos.  Ya--it was that good.  That story is coming in another post.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Plein Air