Monday, April 13, 2009


This picture was taken by Harrison and added because he wanted it on my blog. This is our "8 seeeeta van."

Liam wakes up with a temp of 103.5. The day carries on (in other words, Mike let me sleep in) until I get up and notice he was burning up. A call to the doctor, quick visit and a diagnosis of an ear infection. The crabbiness makes sense now.
Lauren's computer day. She didn't budge from that spot until lunch was ready. PBS kids was the hot site today. I convinced her to play outside after lunch. It was beautiful today.
Harrison and Lundi were up, had breakfast and outside to play by 8:30. They played in their tree seats, the clubhouse and on the swing set.
Mike got into the cave and dug out his box of scouting stuff because Caleb has been asking him to do it for three days. For the rest of the day he wore Mike's scout shirt and hat. He is so excited about scouts and anxious to earn his badges.
After lunch it was decided that I would stay home with the kids and clean up the yard (which was the planned project for the day, but was interrupted by a fever) and Mike would take Liam to the doctor. AudPod (as we affectionately call her...because our Audrey is the 6th pea in our pod) is too small for the baby backpack, wasn't tolerating the stroller because of the wind, so Mike took her with him to the doctor so I could get the yard work done. I have another UTI. Maybe I should go to the doctor instead of diagnosing myself and taking left over antibiotics. (Don't tell nurse Mike that I did that.)
Mike also made a crokpot meal and washed several loads of laundry today.
We picked up about 2,000 fallen branches, lots of chewed up toys from our-so glad she's gone-Abby, many dump trucks, big wheels, balls, bats and tractors, and a bag of trash. Tomorrow we will get to the 39, 612 (I counted) pine cones in the front yard. Oh, and we might get to the mess in the shed. (See picture above.)
After dinner we went to Gifford's. We took the neighbor girl (which meant taking two cars) with us because she came over after school and helped us in the yard. Then it was home for FHE and bed.

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