Monday, April 6, 2009

General Conference

Over all, it was a success.  We did a lot of planning ahead and it paid off.  There was minimal fighting.  We didn't have to ask them 50 thousand times to come back to the living room to watch conference.  They paid attention.  Caleb even took notes. Above all, the Holy Ghost was felt in our home and testimonies were strengthened.  That is what it is all about, my friends.
Food prep, laundry, notebooks, promised the kids a trip to Gifford's (our favorite ice cream stand) in between Saturday sessions, snacks at the ready, moved the couches closer to the monitor, made the expectations clear and spoke a lot about the blessing of conference before hand.  Everyone watched all four sessions, with the exception of the two littles when they were napping.  Caleb even attended the Saturday evening priesthood session with Mike and was happy to go.  (The regular sessions can be viewed on T.V. (via cable) or over the internet.  But the priesthood session can only be viewed at a church.)
Personally, I was spiritually filled.  As usual, I came away with a stronger testimony, a greater love for the Savior, more love for my family and a strong resolve to be better.  Mike and I had a lengthy discussion last night and set some good goals for our family.
We started two new traditions this year.  Last Monday night for F.H.E we talked about what we wanted to do.  So, in between the Saturday sessions, we are going to go to Giffords.  In between the Sunday sessions we are going to take a walk and pick up trash.  If the weather is bad, we'll play a family game instead.
On our first by-annual, conference Sunday, family walk......

Caleb is wearing his Captain Moroni costume that he made out of cardboard.  Complete with shield, cape (that I sewed for him several years loved thing I ever made) breastplate and sword.  He also made the title of liberty from two sticks lashed together and  an old shirt , but he left it at home.

Three going the right way, three going the wrong way, but who is who?

Best friends, Lauren and Lundi.

Mike (pushing Liam) and Caleb.

On our walk, we stopped to visit the neighbors horses.

We came home with five full bags of trash...great job, kids!!!
Off the beaten path to get a bottle.

I would be lying if I told you that our Conference experience was perfect.  For example, Lundi and Lauren built a tent after reading this in the Friend last year.  They were quietly playing in their tent with the felt board when an intruder came in (aka, Liam) and I hear Lundi say "Would you please just go away!!!!"  It just happened to be during President Monsons closing remarks.  You know, the part where he was talking about having love and harmony in our homes?  
Sigh......I guess I should be thankful to them for reminding us that our responsibility to teach them is never ending.  (Note to self...Line upon line, precept on precept.)


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