Saturday, April 11, 2009


It is always amazing to me how the human body heals.  What a marvelous thing God has created.
Four months ago I couldn't walk without a crutch.  Either my hip hurt too much or it would give out at any given moment.  The pregnancy nearly killed me.
I have set a goal to walk for 45 minutes, three days a week.  Thursday I walked (a very hilly) mile and a half (all the way to the sugar shack and back).  Friday I walked 1.8 miles (all the way to the white house and back.)  Today I walked two miles (all the way to the sign and the big pine and back.)  I even jogged part of the way today....down hill, but still, I jogged.  (I know, don't try to picture it, it's scary.)  I am pleased with our progress.  Lundi has decided to join me on my morning walks.  We don't talk much because she wants to wear her iPod, so I wear mine, too.  Music is always good for exercising, don't you think?  I did turn mine off for a while, though.  Just so that I could listen to the sounds of spring!!!


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Stephanie said...

I've had the urge to walk lately, too.
I lost it with the time change, though, as early mornings are dark, now. But it's getting better, and I can go at seven or so five days a week, so I'd like to.