Monday, April 6, 2009

Right Now

It's raining.
My fussy baby is finally asleep in the swing.
Mike is at work.
Kids are at the table bending their forks, bending them back and occasionally taking a bite of food.
The fan is on.
It's 6:11.
My desk is messy.
The flowers are growing.
There is a prophet of God on the earth by the name of Thomas S. Monson.
Liam is screaming, banging his fork on the (already dented) table.
My bed is unmade.
The snow is melting.
The washer is running.
Lundi is rinsing dishes.
Lauren is screaming because Harrison took something away from her.
Caleb is in the shower.
Lundi is telling Harrison "Frisk your pockets!!!" because he took a car from Liam.
Harrison is wearing a Boston Red Sox hat and a B.Y.U shirt.
When Harrison starts taking things from people, it's a sure sign that he needs a job to do.......... the dishwasher does need loading.
I am 38 years old.
My children are alive, healthy, thriving, vibrant and beautiful.
My husband has a great job doing what he loves.
I have a great job doing what I love.
Our bills are paid.
I am blessed.


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