Friday, April 3, 2009

A Delightful Day

First thing Thursday morning we knew what we had to do when we found this on our door:

I know, normally this is bad news, but not around here.  It means that we have generous, kind, thoughtful and sneaky neighbors.  It means that I had delighted children Thursday morning. You see, this kind of "egged" is the best.  It means that our yard (or porch) had been littered with Easter Eggs full of candy!!
After that excitement (and candy for breakfast, of course), it was time to get into the school day.
We started with the microscope.  We have a lot of prepared slides, but we needed something more exciting and new.  So, I gave the kids the blank slides and told them to go find some things that they wanted to look at.  I'll share the list, but don't read if you are easily grossed out.
Eraser, bacteria from a tongue (name with held to protect the innocent), dried up Mac & Cheese (found under Liam's chair, of course), hair, ear wax, scraped off scalp skin (aka dandruff), paper, candle wax, dirt from a plant, crayon, dust, boogers (in rich supply around here), banana peel, apple peel, rice, onion skin and a fly's wing.

After that we had more fun with the Easter eggs by hiding them around the house.  Lauren is quite the clever little hider (I found out), we better watch out or that girl.
We have spent a little bit of time each day this week preparing for General Conference .  We have been teaching the kids the importance of being spiritually ready for the messages that Heavenly Father will send to us through the people who will be addressing us.  I also wanted to make it fun, so I came up with a few ideas.  Things are always better received when there is a game involved.  So, we played a game with these and got into a lengthy discussion about the apostles and how they are servants of the Lord.  We also challenged the kids to come to conference with a struggle or problem that they are currently having.  We assured them that through prayer, they would receive inspiration on how to overcome the problem.   There is always something for everyone at General Conference.  The Lord will bless us if we ask him. He wants us to be better and we are looking forward to a spiritual feast this weekend.
Later that evening we watched an Old Testament video.  
The day ended peacefully with a fight over who was going to get to take the Friend
to their room for quiet reading time.  (Should I be happy that they were fighting over the Friend?)
Ahhhhh, such is our life.

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