Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gloves For Your Feet

Lauren was assigned the task of QA last week when we were boiling sap.
Here she is doing her 145th taste test.

I saw an ad on Facebook for these. I showed them to Lauren, and she asked "What are they?" I said they were like gloves for your feet. She is still giggling, twenty minutes later. I love to get her giggle box!!!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Calling All Dogs

(and kids who think they're dogs). The Dog Hotel is officially open!!!

That's right!! Our living room has undergone an amazing transformation. These kids are now the proud owners of The Dog Hotel!! Come one, come all.


Friday, March 11, 2011

A Story

I took Lauren and Audrey to the doctor a couple weeks ago. And this is what they did to pass the time while waiting for the doctor to come in and see them.......
Yes. She loves to be read to by all of her older siblings.


Puncture Wound

Last night the kids were carrying in wood from the garage. Lundi was handing off a piece to Harrison. Audrey was standing behind him and the log hit her right in the forehead.
It was instant blood gush and instant panic for me and the kids. Mike, as usual, kept his cool and fixed her right up. We managed to avoid a trip to the E.R., thanks to his expertise!!!
For her, the day has been full of being spoiled, doted on, waited on hand and foot, kissed, coddled and carried. (Even more than normal). But she doesn't seem to mind too much. She plays the part of "Princess" very well!!!

And she still holds the title of being "The Cutest Two Year Old in the *World!"


*our world

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Daylights

We are falling in love with THIS song and video all over again.
So very, very cool!!!


Amazing Helen

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.
Helen Keller

We have been studying Helen Keller lately. We are all fascinated by her story and all that she accomplished in her life. What an inspiration she is to me!!
Here are some things that really impressed us:
  • She became deaf and blind at the age of nineteen months after an illness.
  • As a baby, she could recognize people by feeling their clothes.
  • In typical toddler fashion, she would explore her world while hanging on to the hem of her mothers skirt.
  • The first word she learned was "water" after Anne Sullivan took her to the water pump over and over again, then signing the word in her hand.
  • She could understand what people were saying by placing her hand on their lips as they spoke.
  • She learned to knead bread dough and milk a cow.
  • When she went to college, (can you believe she went to college?) her teacher Anne went with her and tapped the words of the instructors into her hand.
  • She learned to speak by placing her thumb on Annes larynx, her index finger on her lips and her middle finger on her nose. See the video HERE. Absolutely astonishing!!!

In our studies about Helen, we decided to learn Braille. So I picked up this little Braille printer at our local educators resource library and the adventure began. Lundi was the first to pick it up. So far she has learned how to read and write about half the alphabet. (Expect a letter in braille, dear sweet niece, M.R.H.) Amazing!!!


Family Talent

We spent the day on Friday doing bean art. Lundi has been painting a lot lately, too. She's getting really good and wants to take lessons. The kids are always excited to do art, an any form. There are some very creative little people living in this house.


And here is my first attempt at pastels:
And this is my bean art (after some of the popcorn fell off).