Saturday, March 5, 2011

Family Talent

We spent the day on Friday doing bean art. Lundi has been painting a lot lately, too. She's getting really good and wants to take lessons. The kids are always excited to do art, an any form. There are some very creative little people living in this house.


And here is my first attempt at pastels:
And this is my bean art (after some of the popcorn fell off).



Stephanie said...

I've been thinking beans, too, though we haven't done anything, yet!

I love having my hands on them.

Just lovely! You should put a link in to Saturday's Artist!

kath001 said...

Loved seeing these, Kim. Brought back great memories. :) Back in the 1960's Grandma had us creating rooster artwork with beans and popcorn...the colored popcorn you can find add some great colors, and little ones are great at sorting the colors. Grandma had one framed and hanging in the house for ages, you may remember it.

Kim said...

Aunt K
I do remember that rooster!! I remember studying it a lot when i was a kid, thinking how neat it was.
And Steph....I do want to link up, I just have to figure out (or recall) how to do it.