Friday, March 11, 2011

Puncture Wound

Last night the kids were carrying in wood from the garage. Lundi was handing off a piece to Harrison. Audrey was standing behind him and the log hit her right in the forehead.
It was instant blood gush and instant panic for me and the kids. Mike, as usual, kept his cool and fixed her right up. We managed to avoid a trip to the E.R., thanks to his expertise!!!
For her, the day has been full of being spoiled, doted on, waited on hand and foot, kissed, coddled and carried. (Even more than normal). But she doesn't seem to mind too much. She plays the part of "Princess" very well!!!

And she still holds the title of being "The Cutest Two Year Old in the *World!"


*our world


Stephanie said...

That first pic is super-deeeee-licious.
:) So cute. She can't be that hurt. No one could be that cute and seriously hurt. ;)

(course, I say this now with the full knowledge that all turned out alright.)

Kim said...

That first one is her saying "cheese." She is a super funny baby. We laugh at her all the time!!!
And all of these were taken today. As you can see, she has totally forgotten about last nights incident.