Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gloves For Your Feet

Lauren was assigned the task of QA last week when we were boiling sap.
Here she is doing her 145th taste test.

I saw an ad on Facebook for these. I showed them to Lauren, and she asked "What are they?" I said they were like gloves for your feet. She is still giggling, twenty minutes later. I love to get her giggle box!!!



Stephanie said...

The shoe ones are pretty popular.... I have no earthly idea why. I think they're the strangest things ever.

Anonymous said...

Lauren broke a bone didn't she? I heard that from somebody, but I can't remember who...

Kim said...

She broke her tailbone. But they don't do anything about that, so we just have to wait for it to heal while she sits on a donut. She thought was so funny. She was imagining, of course....the kind you eat.
She fell while wearing Harrison's roller blades, which are way too big for her.

Anonymous said...

That sounds fun!