Monday, August 6, 2018

I’m just testing this to see if it still works. It’s been SO long since I blogged.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Blowing off the dust......

Wow! I haven't been here in so long. I wondered if my old blog was still on the web. Would you look at that! There are a million more features now than there were a couple years ago, too. No more waiting for ever for a picture to upload. I might just have to make time to blog again. One reason I've put it off is because it's pretty time consuming to keep up. But then i started reading my fo friend Joeys blog and was inspired by her. She doesn't spend hours updating it. She just writes enough to keep people in the know about what they're doing. "I can do that!" I thought.
 It's neat to look back on our lives two or more years ago. It's amazing how much my babes have grown up.
Liam--he's nine now. And he absolutely loves the Elder missionaries. One in particular, Elder Pace, he's especially fond of. People say he looks like Elder Pace's younger brother. The Elders stopped by on Sunday.  We had just finished SS&P and were putting the kids to bed. Elder Pace had bad news. He told us that there would be an emergency transfer on Tuesday and Elder Pace would be leaving. Liam was heart broken and he cried when he told us. He really, really loves Elder Pace. Thankfully Elder Pace is going to Brewer so we will be able to see him at stake conference in a few weeks.
One of the twelve apostles, Elder Scott, passed away today. Though I will miss him, I know hes so happy to be with his sweet wife again.  I'm so grateful for life after death.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Better Off

Keep your covenants.
 Which ever ones you have made, just keep them. 
Keep them.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Dear Jamie, Mother of Addilyn

I will leave it up to you as to whether not you want to make this public. But we had a really neat experience as a family this evening.
While everyone was gathering in the living room for our family scripture study, I was scrolling through FB posts on my iPad. I got to your post about the bill and audibly gasped, prompting many of the kids to ask me "what happened, mom?"
I read them the post, two of them partially understood, four of them had no idea what a "bill" is. So this lead to a discussion on what it all meant---newborn screening, detection of disease, how Addilyns was discovered too late but many others could be saved, bills in congress, laws passed, making a difference, awareness, cord blood, diseases that are already screened for---we discussed it all. My kids are now well educated about all of this.
After the question and answer period, Harrison pondered it all for a minute, then said: "So shes going to be a hero to some babies. She is a great mom. Now * that* means i need to give her an extra hug on Sunday." it made me grab and hug that compassionate boy, even after all the fights he caused today. He's such a precious little monster.
Then we started talking about sweet Addilyn and how her life on earth will end soon. We talked about resurrection, and how Addilyn will be made whole and perfect and how you will get to raise her in the next life. We talked about the Savior and how he is aware of her and is right by her side, holding her hand as she suffers. We talked about your suffering, your aching heart, your Mommy's heart. We talked about how all of this was for a wise and glorious purpose and how heavenly Father is giving you strength to endure all of it. We talked about how none of us is strong on our own, but with God we can endure. We recognized that you must have God with you because you do so much and look beyond yourself instead of saying "why me?"
Then we continued our nightly routine. It just so happens that we are in Alma 40 for our family scripture study. (Said a silent prayer of thanks to the Lord for this divine intervention). What a perfect chapter to read after our discussion about Addilyn! It was the doctrine behind what we had just taught--and discussed.
And then..... we came to this verse (12):
"And then shall it come to pass, that the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace, where they shall rest from all their troubles and from all care, and sorrow."
It made me weap, Jamie. I cried happy tears that she will soon rest from all of her cares, troubles (that awful, awful Krabbe!!) and sorrows. Our God is truly merciful. But it also made me cry sad tears. Sad that she must leave *here* to find that relief. Sad that her passing will leave a hole in so many hearts. True, I know that He does have a purpose for all of this. I trust Him. But i also know that that knowledge does not negate your pain. For this i am sorry. From one mommy to another, I'm sorry.
But please know that i am grateful to know her. I am grateful for the influence she has on our family. I am grateful that her being sick has prompted my children (and me) to pray with deeper meaning. I am grateful that her beautiful, strong and valiant spirit continues to shine through that terrible disease. I am grateful for the feeling I get when I am around's almost tangible. She IS a piece of heaven on this earth. I am grateful that she is here today. I am grateful to you for sharing her with us. I am grateful for the impact that such a little person can have on this world. I am grateful to you for faciltating that. You are her conduit to the world! You act very well that part. Im sure our Father is pleased with her and you. Will you please thank her for me? I love her. I deeply love her.
Kim Smith

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I'm here to dust out the cobwebs of my blog.  This is a test post to see if it actually still works.

Be back soon.
That is if I can get over the intimidation of being soooooo far behind.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Out of Hiding

Conversation with my kids after skiing today:

Harrison: "Mom, you shouldn't have made me wear three shirts today, I was way too hot."

Me: "Really? I thought it was cold outside."

Harrison: "It wasn't THAT cold, it was twenty degrees."

Me: "And that doesn't feel cold to you?"

Harrison: "Well, it's waaay warmer than two."

I stand corrected. It's what happens when a Texan raises Mainers.

The kids ski. It's what they do. Every day. Liam and Gentry just started this year and are doing great.

Lauren is having her first year in actual lessons and has made the most progress.

Lundi has taught Megan how to ski and she is also in Saturday ski school. You would think she has been doing this for years...she is a natural!!

Caleb, Lundi, Harrison, Lauren and Liam are all in Saturday ski school and have also made lots of progress this year.

Harrison and Lundi are also in a racing class. The big race is next Saturday!!!

And did I mention Natalee? This girl:

took a long time to decide that she likes skiing. And look at her now!!! She skis the main without even flinching. Go Natalee!!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Booth Bay Beauty


Keeping Track in Booth Bay Harbor

Nine of them got whistles.

None of them got lost.


Ten Kids

All in the same photo. We can thank Elisabeth for that.


Ce Petit Beau

July 2011