Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Blowing off the dust......

Wow! I haven't been here in so long. I wondered if my old blog was still on the web. Would you look at that! There are a million more features now than there were a couple years ago, too. No more waiting for ever for a picture to upload. I might just have to make time to blog again. One reason I've put it off is because it's pretty time consuming to keep up. But then i started reading my fo friend Joeys blog and was inspired by her. She doesn't spend hours updating it. She just writes enough to keep people in the know about what they're doing. "I can do that!" I thought.
 It's neat to look back on our lives two or more years ago. It's amazing how much my babes have grown up.
Liam--he's nine now. And he absolutely loves the Elder missionaries. One in particular, Elder Pace, he's especially fond of. People say he looks like Elder Pace's younger brother. The Elders stopped by on Sunday.  We had just finished SS&P and were putting the kids to bed. Elder Pace had bad news. He told us that there would be an emergency transfer on Tuesday and Elder Pace would be leaving. Liam was heart broken and he cried when he told us. He really, really loves Elder Pace. Thankfully Elder Pace is going to Brewer so we will be able to see him at stake conference in a few weeks.
One of the twelve apostles, Elder Scott, passed away today. Though I will miss him, I know hes so happy to be with his sweet wife again.  I'm so grateful for life after death.

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