Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fresh Air

We don't have all the details yet (hopefully by Monday).
What we do know is this:
We will be hosting a girl between 9-10. She will stay for one week. We might get another child for another week. We are so excited!!!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


After enjoying the delicious BBQ provided by Maine General, we proceeded to amuse ourselves.......

Then we decided that we needed a little refreshing. After everybody got sunblock, of course.

Then we needed a little rest....
And then we headed back over to the amusement park and stayed until everyone started complaining that they were tired, which was around 10:00p.

It was the company picnic for Maine General at Funtown on Saturday. We had a great time. Well do it again next year.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

From New York!!!

We're going to have a child come stay with us for a couple of weeks. We have a meeting on Sunday when we will decide the age and gender of the child we will be hosting. I found out about THIS program and we are excited to participate. I think it will be a blessing to our family and hope that we can show a child all about life in Maine.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Boy Two

Compassionate. Strong. Brave. Honest. Hard worker. Faithful. Energetic. Tender Hearted. Funny. Loves fiercely. Confident. Sweet. Adventurous. Cub Scout. Son of God. Caring.
I love this boy.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Being creative is a huge part of our lives. The same goes for the lives of my nieces and nephews, and many of my friends. I found out that we are unique. I found out that our kids are pretty lucky. I found out that there are people who want to take this away from children. At our house it's what we thrive on. I wouldn't have it any other way.

You mean to tell me that this stuff actually has to be written, studied, analyzed and published? I mean. Come on. All you have to do is take five minutes and look at a child and you will figure out their genius within. I think it is a tragedy that public education has evolved to the point where they actually have to publish articles to tell "educators" that kids are naturally creative. They always have been. They always will be, until we put them in an environment where their creativity gets discouraged, squelched and punished.


Thursday, July 8, 2010


Mike went straight to the ER (after his regular job) for an extra shift. We picked many more raspberries. Audrey fell down the stairs. Audrey bit Liam on the back. Lauren made sugar milk. Lundi, Harrison, Lauren, Liam and Audrey skyped with their cousins in Utah. Liam spent three hours riding his bike in the driveway with Lauren's iPod on, greeting every passer by with a wave and a "Hi." His favorite song is "We Will Rock You" by Queen. The doctors office called to confirm Caleb's appointment on Tuesday. Lauren skinned her knee while using Harrison's (way too big for her) rollerblades. It was hot, but not as hot as yesterday. I washed one load of (very) stinky towels. Lundi, Harrison, Lauren and Liam went to swimming lessons. We listened to some really loud music. I didn't take a shower. Liam fell asleep during scripture study. Audrey made us all laugh when she sat at the bottom of the stairs, shaking her head and saying "No, no, no, no." Mike prepared a crock pot meal last night (because he is nice like that), I started cooking it about 2:00. The rice was still crunchy, the chicken over done at 7:00. Nobody ate it. I found earwigs in the basement. Caleb is still gone, everybody misses him. Lundi and Harrison drug the air mattresses out to the porch, intending to sleep there; but quickly changed their minds when they realized how hot it was out there. We have lots of ripe radishes. Harrison took a bunch of raspberries and a few black raspberries to Nancy across the street. The kids used up (spilled) the last of the bubbles. I found out the the neighborly grandma who lives next door has a grandson who "blows glass into the shape of a pipe so people can smoke" for a living. The (visiting) seven year old great grandson let us be privy to that information. There are way too many weeds in the kitchen garden. (Where did all the herbs go?) We have another cuke that is ripe for the picking. The green beans are finally growing. All five of the kids were up late, we will all know it tomorrow when everyone is grumpy. Harrison figured out that when Mike is seventy, he will be forty-one. We are out of diapers, toilet paper, wipes, snacks, eggs, bread, shampoo, gas for the lawn mower, nightlight bulbs, Band-Aids, paper, batteries, dish soap, fabric softener, paper towels and trash bags. I guess I ought to go to the store. I am glad Mike decided to take a vacation day tomorrow. I killed at least 28 japanese beetles who were trying to multiply (I never saw a single one) in my raspberries today. We have a family reunion on Saturday, friends over for dinner on Sunday.


Funny Kids

Liam (while watching a kid on a wave board):
First time he passed us, he says: "good job!!"
Second time he passed us: "Good job for holding, you boy!!"
Lauren: "Mommy, my ankle hurts."
Me (knowing that she had been riding her scooter all day) "How did you hurt it?"
Lauren: "I don't know. I think I am growing pain."
Me:( in planting and harvesting pain? And trying not to laugh I said: "what do you mean?"
Lauren: "Well Lundi says that sometimes our legs grow pain."
Lundi pipes up from across the room: "No, Lauren. I said that sometimes we have growing pains."


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Summer Fun

The kids (Harrison) wanted to surprise Mike for his birthday. So on his own initiative, he called up Grandpa Mike and planned a fun day in the sun for his Papa's birthday. (There may or may not have been an ulterior motive, I can't rightly say). Grandpa eagerly obliged.

It's going to be a great day on the water!!
How's the water, kids?

Lauren getting ready for her first ride on the tube:

Lundi continually gave the driver the "thumbs up" to go faster. She was fearless on that tube!!
"Hi mom"

Everyone loved riding the tube behind the boat:

Guess who loved her very first boat ride?

Lundi wants to try water skiing:

Audrey wants to show her how it's done:
Harrison directing the first mate: