Thursday, July 15, 2010

From New York!!!

We're going to have a child come stay with us for a couple of weeks. We have a meeting on Sunday when we will decide the age and gender of the child we will be hosting. I found out about THIS program and we are excited to participate. I think it will be a blessing to our family and hope that we can show a child all about life in Maine.



kath001 said...

What?! How about a child from Texas...or maybe someone entering their second childhood? Hmmm? :)

But seriously, good for you! I always wanted to host a foreign exchange student, but haven't gotten around to it. We were foster parents for awhile...I LOVED it, but Carey, not so much. Hope this is a great experience for everybody.

Kim said...

You know that I would very happily have you in my home ANY time you want to come stay. Second, third, forth childhood? It doesn't matter. Maine is calling you. Can you hear it???
I couldn't do foster parenting. Not right now anyway. I feel like I owe my time to MY kids first. I would love to do it after a few of them have flown the coop.

kath001 said...

Thanks, Kim. Someday I'll make it! :)