Thursday, July 8, 2010


Mike went straight to the ER (after his regular job) for an extra shift. We picked many more raspberries. Audrey fell down the stairs. Audrey bit Liam on the back. Lauren made sugar milk. Lundi, Harrison, Lauren, Liam and Audrey skyped with their cousins in Utah. Liam spent three hours riding his bike in the driveway with Lauren's iPod on, greeting every passer by with a wave and a "Hi." His favorite song is "We Will Rock You" by Queen. The doctors office called to confirm Caleb's appointment on Tuesday. Lauren skinned her knee while using Harrison's (way too big for her) rollerblades. It was hot, but not as hot as yesterday. I washed one load of (very) stinky towels. Lundi, Harrison, Lauren and Liam went to swimming lessons. We listened to some really loud music. I didn't take a shower. Liam fell asleep during scripture study. Audrey made us all laugh when she sat at the bottom of the stairs, shaking her head and saying "No, no, no, no." Mike prepared a crock pot meal last night (because he is nice like that), I started cooking it about 2:00. The rice was still crunchy, the chicken over done at 7:00. Nobody ate it. I found earwigs in the basement. Caleb is still gone, everybody misses him. Lundi and Harrison drug the air mattresses out to the porch, intending to sleep there; but quickly changed their minds when they realized how hot it was out there. We have lots of ripe radishes. Harrison took a bunch of raspberries and a few black raspberries to Nancy across the street. The kids used up (spilled) the last of the bubbles. I found out the the neighborly grandma who lives next door has a grandson who "blows glass into the shape of a pipe so people can smoke" for a living. The (visiting) seven year old great grandson let us be privy to that information. There are way too many weeds in the kitchen garden. (Where did all the herbs go?) We have another cuke that is ripe for the picking. The green beans are finally growing. All five of the kids were up late, we will all know it tomorrow when everyone is grumpy. Harrison figured out that when Mike is seventy, he will be forty-one. We are out of diapers, toilet paper, wipes, snacks, eggs, bread, shampoo, gas for the lawn mower, nightlight bulbs, Band-Aids, paper, batteries, dish soap, fabric softener, paper towels and trash bags. I guess I ought to go to the store. I am glad Mike decided to take a vacation day tomorrow. I killed at least 28 japanese beetles who were trying to multiply (I never saw a single one) in my raspberries today. We have a family reunion on Saturday, friends over for dinner on Sunday.


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