Friday, December 10, 2010

A Summary

-One Happy Baby-

I hate it when it's this cold without snow!! It makes winter so very boring. The kids are read
y to hit the slopes. We bought them all new (shaped) ski's this year so they are totally anxious to try them out. Lauren put hers on the other day and tried to ski on the inch of snow we got last week. It was pretty funny.

.......Is the extent of my decorating so far. We plan to make our traditional trip to Gooley's to find our perfect tree on the morrow, or as soon as the babes are well.
We had a whole cord of wood delivered today. Caleb and I stacked almost all of it by ourselves because we have four sick kids in our house. This latest bug makes for a very mellow bunch of kids and a very quiet house.
One night last week I was searching everywhere for the girls. I walked into my room and found them doing this:
They had decided to have their very own Spa Night. They don't learn it from me, but they love to do their hair and their nails.
Mike took the kids to the annual Chester Greenwood parade last Saturday. A few days beforehand Lundi had decided that she was going to do the polar dip with some of her friends. When she woke up to falling snow on Saturday morning, she realized just how cold that water was going to be and changed her mind. I was relieved.
On Sunday we went to the annual Creche Exhibit in Bangor. It was magnificent, as usual. It is a yearly tradition and we always look forward to it. This year Lundi, Harrison, Lauren and Liam were able to sing in the children's choir,
and Lundi and Harrison were able to be in the live nativity.
Lundi was a shepherd........
.......and Harrison was a sheep.

They also had a room equipped with dress up clothes so the kids could act out the nativity, even if they didn't want to be on stage. Audrey didn't need to do any acting. She just decided to be herself......

Lauren played the part of Mary:
But she could have just as easily been an angel.
On Monday night for family home evening we made gingerbread cookies and watched "A Christmas Carol." Liam was afraid of the ghosts and kept asking to turn the lights off, which didn't make any sense to us. Then he explained: "If we turn off the lights, the ghosts can't see us so they won't come get us." Perfectly logical.
He loved making the cookies, though and I loved watching everyone create their own masterpieces, which were quickly gobbled up the next morning for breakfast. They had it all planned it out and got up super early and were super quiet so that they could devour them before I got up and made them eat something more healthy. Ahhhh, childhood!!!
Oh....and the pirate was a Halloween costume from three years ago. Liam found it in the "too small pile" in the basement and has been donning this beloved outfit for a week now. Aaarrrggghhhh!

And she did this every time I tried to take her picture:

And we didn't make too big of a mess......
And me. I'm always looking for tricky ways to minimize the messes.
I leave you with this video. Click and watch.
You'll be so glad you did!!! It is totally cool, creative, romantic and unique. And if you love the song as much as we do, it's available on iTunes.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cherished Blessings

From Wednesday:
  • A very effective Cub Scout planning meeting
  • Mike got home early
  • The jovial store clerk
  • garbanzo beans
  • Sandy at the library who plays Bingo with the kids
  • clean air
  • the hymns
  • my hands
  • seahorses
  • a warm coat
  • we always have enough food
  • our pediatrician who followed up on Audrey (she goes in for a repeat x-ray next week to make sure the foreign object has passed through her system).
  • our piano (thanks MJ)
  • the mail lady
  • Mindy Gledhill
  • the human body and it's amazing instinct to survive!

And on this Day of Thanks:
  • Inspired, talented, generous people who are willing to share their talents with the world. (Really, check them out. You'll be so glad you did!! Here is the official website.)
  • Turkey and all the trimmings
  • Our fine china (that we only take out for very special occasions)
  • that we got the yard work done before the snow arrived!!
  • the movie theatre is open today so Mike could go see HP7P1.
  • My family, immediate and extended.
  • The people who have influenced me in my life.
  • tweezers
  • super glue (which made it possible for me to mend Liam's new motorcycle)
  • ice water
  • A man in my life who cherishes me and our children and always puts us first.
  • Jesus Christ and this truth:


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Mercy Given

  • My dancing children
  • the internet was down all day (so we did out of the ordinary things like danced and watched Pete's Dragon).
  • the lifted fog
  • our big huge pine trees that stay put even though the wind is hoooooowling
  • Audrey cheated death yesterday (I just can't stop thanking God for this one).
  • my Dad is getting better every day and is almost up to full speed
  • This soup (yes again, I told you it was a favorite)


Monday, November 22, 2010

Catch Up

  • A great meeting where I heard some wonderful talks by a few shining women. You can read about them here, here and here. They don't normally come all the way to Maine, but I sure am glad they came.
  • Safety
  • Spiritual growth

  • Mike's help in preparing for Sunday
  • The many errands that I was able to get done
  • Caleb's friends
  • the broom
  • a dead mouse (our third this year, plus a mole)
  • a clean house
  • antacid (heartburn, you know?)
  • my bed
  • Cooperative kids (we were on time for church, even though Mike went early and wasn't here to help get the kids ready)
  • Liam found his own socks
  • the "munch-n-mingle" after church
  • smiling babies
  • honesty
  • Caleb had a pleasant disposition. All day. That's rare. (I am so happy to count it.)
  • egg salad sandwiches
  • the heater in the van
  • my Sunday nap
  • Cub Scouts
  • the food drive we are doing
  • warmth
  • the unity our family feels when we do good together
  • the annual cookie swap invitation
  • Baby Magic lotion
  • scented candles
  • my hair color (at 40 it's never been dyed, nor do I have the gray to necessitate a dye job)
  • that Audrey didn't *die in her sleep today. Thank the good Lord for guardian angels.
*****This morning (sometime before her nap), Audrey was showing signs of having swallowed something. Harrison comes to me and said "Mom, Audrey is choking!!" When I got to her she was swallowing over, and over, and over and her eyes were watering and her face was red. After a few seconds, she seemed fine (not in distress) and I assumed she "got it down," whatever "it" was.
Fast forward an hour or so.....I put her down for her nap, thinking nothing of the choking incident. A couple hours later I heard her hollering from her crib. I sent Harrison up to get her. I hear him giggling and he said "Mom, I think you have a mischief baby, here. I think she had a marker in her crib. Her lips and tongue are blue." He brought her to me and the first thing I noticed is that her face was white, I mean WHITE!! Then I noticed that her lips and her tongue were blue. I then sent the kids upstairs to search for a marker, a crayon, a colored pencil....anything that she could have sucked on to make her mouth blue. By this time she was walking around, happy, and didn't seem to be in distress. She was singing, talking, being her regular cute self that she always is after a good nap. She looked weird but was acting totally normal. So I took her out on the porch (where the light is better) so I could get a better look at her. By this time her lips were starting to look red again. I call Mike and ask him what to do. After another minute or so, she was normal color again. Mike says do this, this and this. Then call the doctor. The doctor suggested bringing her to the hospital for an x-ray. So I left the kids here watching a movie and took the baby, knowing that Mike would be home shortly. She screamed through the x-ray and was anxious to tell all of those techs "bye" as soon as her shoes were back on her feet. We had to wait in the waiting room to talk to the doctor. He said there was "something foriegn" in her stomach but it was "no longer compromising her airway." " So what does that mean......that her whole nap she had a compromised airway?"
"Well, yes." He says. "That is most likely. Count your blessings."


Thursday, November 18, 2010


I am thankful for:
  • Our local library
  • Fire in the wood stove (have I mentioned this one before? I really love fire.)
  • People who genuinely want to make the world a better place.
  • Peter Pan
  • Lundi's luck
  • Googol Power (Steph mentioned on her blog and it reminded me that we haven't used this resource in a long while. It was very well received today.)
  • Missionary work, and that I was able to serve a full time mission in France.
  • milk
  • my elliptical (gettin' back on it now that vacation is over and all visitors are gone and life is back to being manageable)
  • Sandy at the library
  • the Mormon pioneers
  • the old door knobs in this house
  • that my kids love to read (all of them).
  • Lowe's and their DIY videos (I've learned so much)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Mittens and hats made by Sister Mitchell, drying near the wood stove.

  • My kids and their creativity
  • Sister Mitchell. She knits hats and mittens throughout the year, then brings bags full to church to give to the kids every year when the weather turns cold. We love her and her precious gifts of love.
  • UMF community Orchestra
  • The Holy Bible
  • I have one coat done on the kitchen floor (it looks better already)
  • The Smiths
  • The youth program of our church
  • caring people
  • sleeping children
  • lively children
  • a clean house (at night, anyway)
  • Audrey's (daily) expanding vocabulary
  • B.H., K.S.C., D.C., M.H. and their tremendous (and constant) effort in shaping, guiding, encouraging, inspiring and influencing our Young Women.
  • electricity
  • The United States Constitution, even though it is being challenged every single day.
  • The scriptures and the sure promises of our heavenly Father.


These creatures have spent a lot of time at our house lately. They come to feast on our cherries.
We welcome them.

The Cedar Waxwing.
Learn more about them here.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Mayhem Monday

  • A whole lot of laughing, joke telling and hootin' and hollerin' around the dinner table tonight. We laughed so hard our spaghetti almost came back up.
  • Mike's medical knowledge. (Just think of all the money I save on doctor visits).
  • That I have taught myself to strip, sand and polyurethane the kitchen floor. (I am so excited to have it done...I'll post an after photo.)
  • Family Home Evening
  • Whoppers
  • Ibuprofen (for my aching back)
  • The palm trees of California
  • Chester Greenwood (from Farmington, Maine)
  • The nice guy at the tool rental place because he put that 300 (+-) pound sanding machine in my trunk.
  • The late Gordon B. Hinckley
  • The power of discernment


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sacred Sunday

There will be more changes around here soon. Something is happening in our family that will require more organization, more sacrifice, more commitment and more trust in our Heavenly Father. On the other hand, these changes will also bring great blessings to our family. I have a few (minor) reservations. I am weak and easily overwhelmed by all that I have to do. Mike is a key player in keeping our household running, our children happy and our finances in order. He is half my team. I feel like my plate is full and over flowing. So much of the time I am choosing between two equally important (and righteous) things. I think this is a common feeling among the members of The Church. It's no secret that we are asked to give, and give a lot. We give of our time (we have a lay ministry), our talents and money. But as all faithful members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints can attest to, the blessings far outweigh the sacrifice. The Lord always blesses us for our obedience. I know he will compensate for the time that Mike will be away from us, fulfilling his calling. Many times today, I have thought about this talk that was given in October 2007 General Conference. It will now become more important to me and take on new meaning as I try to prioritize what is good, better or best.
Today I am thankful for a loving Father in heaven and the opportunity he gives us to serve and grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Thirteen

Full of Gratitude:
  • Inanna put on a great show tonight. And the kids thoroughly enjoyed dancing their tails off.
  • A most perfect working in the yard day with gorgeous weather.
  • chocolate
  • cupboards, the pantry and the deep freezer are all full of food.