Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cherished Blessings

From Wednesday:
  • A very effective Cub Scout planning meeting
  • Mike got home early
  • The jovial store clerk
  • garbanzo beans
  • Sandy at the library who plays Bingo with the kids
  • clean air
  • the hymns
  • my hands
  • seahorses
  • a warm coat
  • we always have enough food
  • our pediatrician who followed up on Audrey (she goes in for a repeat x-ray next week to make sure the foreign object has passed through her system).
  • our piano (thanks MJ)
  • the mail lady
  • Mindy Gledhill
  • the human body and it's amazing instinct to survive!

And on this Day of Thanks:
  • Inspired, talented, generous people who are willing to share their talents with the world. (Really, check them out. You'll be so glad you did!! Here is the official website.)
  • Turkey and all the trimmings
  • Our fine china (that we only take out for very special occasions)
  • that we got the yard work done before the snow arrived!!
  • the movie theatre is open today so Mike could go see HP7P1.
  • My family, immediate and extended.
  • The people who have influenced me in my life.
  • tweezers
  • super glue (which made it possible for me to mend Liam's new motorcycle)
  • ice water
  • A man in my life who cherishes me and our children and always puts us first.
  • Jesus Christ and this truth:


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