Friday, November 12, 2010

Forget Not Friday

The two oldest kids had friends over tonight (they are still here) for pizza, some loud music, games, custom made milk shakes and Harry Potter 5, the movie. They're calling it a party.
Mike is in the ER tonight, chopping away at that extra money that we need to earn. Maybe I should seek employment myself. But I think it would be so hard to pick just one of my expertise's to make money on. Educator? Chef? Negotiator? Chauffeur? Accountant? Professional cleaner? Manager? If I stay home I get to do all of these every day.
Today was a very laid back day. Looking back, here are a few things that I recognized as blessings:
  • peace among the kids
  • cooperation
  • my kids ability to learn how to work (Audrey "helped" Caleb unload the dishwasher today, it was so very cute!)
  • a telephone
  • good pizza
  • Bose speakers
  • comfy shoes
  • Liam is learning to read and doing amazing!!
  • Lundi had a huge break through in her math today.
  • a paycheck
  • a hot bath
  • my ability to cut my family's hair (think of all the money I save)
  • the television and it's awesome ability to district Liam during haircuts
  • maps


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