Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eleven/Three/Two Thousand and Ten

A Blessed Day!
I am thankful for....
  • A great day of learning
  • Great Cub Scout leaders
  • socks
  • hot cocoa
  • paper towels
  • a library within walking distance
  • a stapler that works (I finally fixed it)
  • Caleb's wit
  • the telephone
  • modern medicine
  • my Daddy (who had heart surgery yesterday and is recovering like the champ that he is)
  • Janice
  • a safe neighborhood
  • long, uninterrupted showers (so rare)
  • bloggers who inspire me
  • kids who still fit on my lap
  • a big washer and dryer (because I got a weeks worth of laundry done in three loads)
  • the crisp Fall air
  • Audrey's curls
  • The Lower Lights
  • My iPhone
  • Laurette's 150(+) year old pot (because it makes the best soup)
  • good books


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