Friday, November 5, 2010

Recovery Continues Elsewhere

He's out, done, released, fini, turned loose, discharged, dispensed, unshackled, vented, extricated, exculpated, unchained, bailed out, cleared, unfastened, absolved, delivered, unfettered, unbound, casted loose. Liberated! And he didn't even do it A.M.A!! (against medical advice)
He had open heart surgery on Tuesday, was ready to go home yesterday and was released today. And prayer works.
But he says, "Now I really need your prayers, I have to live with somebody and be taken care of. Now the hard part begins."
That's my Dad: Mr. Independent. I told him to eat some humble pie and let Janice take good care of him.
We are thrilled with his progress, but not at all surprised.
We love you, Dad!!! You're a champ.


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kath001 said...

So glad to hear things are going well. Give him my best. And I'll say a prayer or two too. :)