Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Mercy Given

  • My dancing children
  • the internet was down all day (so we did out of the ordinary things like danced and watched Pete's Dragon).
  • the lifted fog
  • our big huge pine trees that stay put even though the wind is hoooooowling
  • Audrey cheated death yesterday (I just can't stop thanking God for this one).
  • my Dad is getting better every day and is almost up to full speed
  • This soup (yes again, I told you it was a favorite)


1 comment:

kath001 said...

Hahaha! I keep clicking on your links to soup mentions, because I'm always up for a good soup recipe...and it keeps being THIS one! :) So glad you like it. I saw a crockpot lentil soup recipe the other day that looked interesting, so I may be trying it soon.

SOOOO happy for Audrey's miracle!