Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

We spent the majority of the day outside today. The yard has not yet been prepared for winter, which is just around the corner. So we went out to make a dent in the work that has to be done. We raked leaves, stacked wood, took all of the supports out of the garden, used the garden shears to cut down a bunch of dead plants (in preparation for tilling) and picked up a lot of outside toys.
Right before we left for California, on a very windy day, the neighbors tree fell into our yard, right smack in the middle of our garden. I was so worried about our raspberries, but they seem to be fine. We just need to repair their support fence because the tree ruined it. The good part about the tree falling, is that the neighbors offered us the wood. They cut it all up into one foot pieces, and we were happy to take it. So we did a lot of wood stacking today. We won't be able to use it this year, it needs to stay out and get seasoned. But it will definitely be used next year. So today's blessings mostly stem from the days experiences. Here are a few of them:
  • The American Veteran
  • Harrison's ability to have fun while working
  • the wheelbarrow
  • my kids discovered that snow shovels work way better than rakes for scooping leaves. Smart kids.
  • The Ensign, The Friend and The New Era
  • the leaf blower (a necessary household appliance around here)
  • a strong back (5 of them)
  • Mike's willingness to work to support our family
  • clean towels
  • a piano (and that my kids can plunk out just about any song)
  • Audrey's 3 hour nap (which enabled us to get so much done outside today)
  • kissing
  • Chinese food
  • the talents of others
  • Mr. Wells apple trees
  • Mr. Wells
  • Davis Wurts


kath001 said...

I've been on a blogging fast of my own, so I just caught up on yours. What exciting news for you and Robyn! I know they are going to be missed terribly in Utah. Will y'all be in the same ward? It would be cool if you got to attend church together too. Give her my best wishes, and tell her I'll be praying for her...moving is not easy (I types with still-packed boxes sitting nearby and calling my name...and many, MANY more waiting in the garage).

Kim said...

It made me smile that you knew the term "ward" and asked if we would be in the same one.
And indeed we are.
Yes, it's going to be hard for everyone there and for the House kids. We pray for them daily and appreciate yours, too.
Moving is my least favorite thing to do in the world. I would rather be pregnant, go to the dentist or even throw up.