Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Mittens and hats made by Sister Mitchell, drying near the wood stove.

  • My kids and their creativity
  • Sister Mitchell. She knits hats and mittens throughout the year, then brings bags full to church to give to the kids every year when the weather turns cold. We love her and her precious gifts of love.
  • UMF community Orchestra
  • The Holy Bible
  • I have one coat done on the kitchen floor (it looks better already)
  • The Smiths
  • The youth program of our church
  • caring people
  • sleeping children
  • lively children
  • a clean house (at night, anyway)
  • Audrey's (daily) expanding vocabulary
  • B.H., K.S.C., D.C., M.H. and their tremendous (and constant) effort in shaping, guiding, encouraging, inspiring and influencing our Young Women.
  • electricity
  • The United States Constitution, even though it is being challenged every single day.
  • The scriptures and the sure promises of our heavenly Father.

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