Monday, December 28, 2009

Here We Are

We love our new house. We have so much more space. The fights are so much fewer. Everyone gets along better. "Everything has a place" is my new motto. I often say it when I catch the kids leaving something out. It seems that the upkeep has actually been easier, even though the house is four times bigger. It sure is great to have a place for everything. And I do mean everything. We fell so very blessed to have this house.

The banister decorated with garland and lights.
The tree in the turret.
The huge front porch.
Built-n cubbies. LOVE them! (These are why I bought the house).
Cozy wood stove/fire place.
Beautiful (original) wood work and fixtures.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Closing Tomorrow

Nervous. Excited. Happy. Impatient. Overwhelmed. Thankful.
We're dropping the kids at the babysitters, then headed to the lawyers office. We should be done by 3:00. Can't wait.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Funny Boy

I laugh every time I look at this picture.

Isn't he hilarious????


Curly Q

Mommy says my curls are adorable.

But I wonder if she's noticed that these 6-9 month clothes are way, way too small for me.

What do you think?


I Am Royalty

My sisters love to dress me up.
And I love to play the part.
Here I am waving to my kingdom:
And this is me in me robe of royal red, my crown of gold atop my head, being paraded through my kingdom in my royal coach powered by my henchman named Harrison.

And this is the look I give my Mommy when I have had enough and I just need a nap.

I've heard some people say that it's hard being the youngest of six, but so far I think it's pretty great!!!! Princess Audrey



Spaghetti is my new favorite food!!!

Audrey-11 months


Thursday, December 3, 2009


If we allow ourselves to express anger, jealousy, revenge, selfishness, pride, bragging, hate, and so on, they can bind us. They continually gain more power. They embed themselves into our character and become our habits. In this way, we lose not only our freedom but also our self-respect. When we bridle our passions, however, we free ourselves of feelings that could be our masters.

When we bridle our appetites, we become free of wants that could be our masters. On the other hand, if we eat too much food or use harmful substances such as coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, or certain drugs, we may develop habits that are hard to break. Our bodies begin to crave these things, and we become slaves to them.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Funny Girl

What makes you think that she's too big for the cradle?



I have always found that mercy bears

richer fruits than strict justice.

-Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our House...

(the back side)
....almost. We found out today that we will be closing the week of the 14th!!! Can't wait.