Monday, December 28, 2009

Here We Are

We love our new house. We have so much more space. The fights are so much fewer. Everyone gets along better. "Everything has a place" is my new motto. I often say it when I catch the kids leaving something out. It seems that the upkeep has actually been easier, even though the house is four times bigger. It sure is great to have a place for everything. And I do mean everything. We fell so very blessed to have this house.

The banister decorated with garland and lights.
The tree in the turret.
The huge front porch.
Built-n cubbies. LOVE them! (These are why I bought the house).
Cozy wood stove/fire place.
Beautiful (original) wood work and fixtures.



Crystal :@) said...

HEY!!!how are you guys doing? where did you move to? Check out our blog We had our lil boy 3 weeks ago. Hope all is well with you guys and tell LUNDI I said HI!!!

kath001 said...

Oh, Kim! It looks so great. Love the doorknob, wood floors, cubbies, porch!!!