Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Can't Think of A Title

This is going to have to be another random thoughts post. I know, boring. But it's better than nothing, right?
Audrey is all over the place. She has entered the "I pull up on everything and I don't care how many bruises are on my head" stage of life. We have one more toddlerhood to endure. Hopefully we can keep her from touching the hot wood stove, close the gates to the stairs, keep her fingers out of the sockets, prevent her from smashing her fingers in drawers and teach her to get a drink from somewhere other than the toilet. Thankfully we have 6 people who are on the look out......

We are still learning the fine art of heating with a wood stove. And yes, it is an art. It can't be too hot, or get too much air, and it has to have enough air, close the damper, don't forget the kindling, the wood has to be dry, the wood has to be medium size until the coals are good and hot, put the log slanted so it doesn't suffocate the coals, open the damper before you open the door of the stove, otherwise the smoke comes in the house and sets off the fire alarm and you always smell like camping....but you're not, you are only trying to heat your house.....with wood. It's an art, I tell ya.

Ski season has begun. Did I ever tell you that I don't like ski season? Well, I like it if I am the one skiing, but that's rarely the case. I am usually the one hanging out in the lodge with the fussy babes who want to be anywhere else but the lodge. I must be a glutton for punishment because it was my idea to buy the kids season passes for Christmas. I decided tonight when I was there, right before I ran outside (when I saw them tearing down the slopes) to holler "Last run, kids!!!", that either I am going to leave them there to ski alone, or they can only ski on the days when Mike is off. I don't know why I go through this every year. I always think it's going to be different. But the truth of the matter is, little kids don't like hanging out in the lodge. Period.
But I do it for them. You see how happy it makes them? I love to see them happy, doing things they enjoy. And they love, love, love to ski. Maybe I should have had sextuplets, then they would like the same things at the same time. No?

(well, ok, in this picture they don't look so happy. That's because I made them pose for a picture before they hit the slopes. And Lundi was mad because I told her she could only ski on the bunny trail because she couldn't find her helmet. I'm such a mean Mom!!!!)

And, they're off!!!!!

This boy. Well, we could spend all night talking about him. But let's just say he needs a haircut. See?

We won't mention anything about what he did yesterday. Because if we did, we would have to tell you that he plugged the sink and left the water running in the sink upstairs. Then we would have to mention that this sink has an overflow that doesn't work (we found out the hard way). Oh, then the story would lead to the worst part...he did this right before we walked out the door to take the girls to a friends house for a sleep over, then we headed to Augusta to do some shopping, came home 5 hours later to find a small flood in the bathroom, a wet bookcase full of ruined books:

(below the bathroom) and a wet basement. All water travels down. Didn't you know that? What's that? Homeowners insurance? Ya, we have it. Our deductible is $1000.00. We're kicking ourselves now. We felt like kicking him:

......... right in the behind, but then thought better of it.


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kath001 said...

Oh, how can you stay angry for long when you gaze in those beautiful blue eyes? :) Someday, maybe in the far distant future, but someday nonetheless, you will be able to laugh about this.