Monday, January 25, 2010

As of Late

Our endeavors have been interesting lately. Then again, is it ever boring? I shall say not.
Audrey has taken a liking to falling asleep in this position. Her big sister Lundi used to do the same thing. They are alike in many ways.

I haven't been spending very much time here......

 of late. The kids did something irreparable to their PC and I have been contending with them for time on the computer. Not to worry, though. In a couple of weeks we are getting them their very own (practically indestructible) Mac. That will make us a four Mac family.
Kitchen remodeling plans are complete. Now we just need to wait for our check from Uncle Sam so we can buy the materials and appliances to get the process started. I'm very anxious to get it done.
The kids have decided that they like night skiing. They got a taste of it the other night when I just took the older three. The experience is better for everyone when we leave the little ones at home. In other words, I let them stay as late as they wanted. It was really snowy this day and Lundi and Harrison forgot their goggles. That's why they have funny looks on their faces.

This is a window in our bedroom, looking out at a tree in the front yard. I thought it was capture worthy.

Plays, skits and melodramas. The people that I live with just happen to be very creative. If the Mommy stays out of the way, they come up with some very interesting ways to express themselves. (note the socks on the hands to make paws).

We started this............

.....timeline last week and it just keeps getting better. It's amazing to see all of the people that we have studied over the years, all in one place. We've had fun doing it, too. I've wanted to do one of these forever, but didn't dare do anything permanent in our rented house. Did I mention that we have an entire room dedicated to school stuff? I love having a place for everything. It does wonders for my mood.
As for the timeline, I can post the directions if anyone is interested. I took a bunch of other peoples ideas and came up with one that would work in the space that we have. I put the pictures/events on the wall with sticky wall tack so that we can move them around as we add to it. Also, I used different colors of paint for the different era's. This makes it easier for the younger ones to differentiate. We are really enjoying at and look forward to adding to it as we continue our history studies.


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Stephanie said...

I'm crazy about our timeline!
and I love that it goes all the way around our basement hallways and back up the stairs. :)