Monday, April 13, 2009

Yesterday, The Good Parts

Sunday was a day of church, naps and a whole lot of creation. I replenished our art supplies last week and today they were employed.   I expressed my own creativity by playing around in iPhoto.  I have shared some of the pictures that I edited here as well.

Caleb's creation.....
This is actually his finished sculpture.  I put them in the wrong order.  This is a man, sitting on a rock to take a break while walking his dog.  The dog is sniffing trash.  Oh, and the binoculars are for his bird watching hobby.  I love the story and the detail, isn't it amazing?

Lundi's fish:  
Liam delights in his sculpture:

Why?  Because cars must be incorporated into everything he does.
Harrison's trees that were shading his new motorcycle:

Lauren made pancakes and cookies, of course:


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