Friday, April 3, 2009

Spelling Bee

First things first.  Today was trash and recycle day, so everyone pitched in and got that done.  I won't say that it was sans murmuring or 38 prompts, but it did get done before the trucks came.
Today we had a spelling bee...homeschool style.  I gave each of the kids a list of words, just slightly beyond their ability.  I gave them a half hour to study their lists, we set up the stage (the stool out of the bathroom).  The kids also decided that we needed a microphone (a hairbrush or a flashlight) and a spotlight (a desk lamp).  After that was all set up, we let the games begin.  We went in order: Caleb, Lundi,Harrison, Lauren and Liam (he got lots of help) for 28 rounds.  Lundi and Lauren tied with 24 correct words, Caleb came in second with 23 and Harrison got 22 words correct.  Before we started we established that the winner(s) would get a special date with Mommy.  I took the girls to the Homestead and we had an awesome girls night out...complete with creme brule!!
After the spelling bee, before dinner, we did some bird studying in preparation for spring.  Then Mike came home with groceries.  We didn't want the kids to be coming in and out of the house (it's mud season, you know) so Mike was just going to bring them to the door and have the kids bring them to the kitchen.  Those clever little helpers came up with their own plan....a "grocery brigade!"  You'd be amazed at what a long chain we can make with four kids.  I was impressed with their ingenuity.

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