Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Everyone is feeling better today.  In other words, no pukies!!
Even though there is still quite a bit of coughing going on, everyone was anxious to get outdoors today because the birds were chirping, the sky was blue and the temperature was 62.  So, out we went.  I thought of a cool project to do with the kids after being inspired by this website. I had to alter it a little bit, but we made it work.  I wanted to document it before we get too far into it.  Otherwise, I'll forget.
We went out into the yard to choose a new plant or tree to "adopt" or follow through the next few weeks.  We will take daily photo's to document growth and progress.  We wrote down the names (we still have to find out a couple of them....Betsey???) and the scientific names, the G.P.S. coordinates, the environment,   the weather and soil type.  I chose the yard because I know that it is somewhere we go every day, and the kids can do it on their own.  Some of the kids actually dug down through the snow, then through a blanket of leaves to find thriving new plants beneath.  I explained to the kids that we should put the leaves back, as it provides a blanket for the cold nights.  I took them out individually to choose their plant so we could have a good discussion about all of Heavenly Father's beautiful creations.  One on one often provides a conduit to feeling the the Holy Ghost.  I love nature, it is so spiritual.  I had neat experiences with each child.

Lauren's tree:

Lundi's plant:

Caleb's plant:

Harrison's plant:


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