Monday, March 30, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

I am signed up to get a quote from Daily Learners.  Here is what they sent today.....

It is, in fact, nothing short a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry; for this delicate little plant, aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom.

-Albert Einstein

more about Einstein
Sometimes I catch myself doing the things that might "strangle their curiosity" and I have to take a step back and remember that I whole heartedly believe in child initiated learning.  Occasionally I let other peoples standards creep in and scare me.  So far, they are faring well.  It (homeschooling) feels like an experiment sometimes, there are so many unknowns, but then again there is no perfect method of educating.  I think I'll stay in my current path.  We'll do catch up later if we have to.  After all, isn't learning a life long process?  

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