Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Thoughts

Liam is being potty trained....today is the first day and he has done well.  Skittles are his reward of choice.  Oh, and the Lightning McQueen undies aren't bad, either.
We are getting cable for the first time in our married life.....wait, I take that back, we had it for a month a few years ago, then canceled it because we never watched TV.  I miss PBS so much (we don't get it anymore since they went digital), that I am willing to dish out the big bucks for DirecTV.  I have that option now that my husband has a job.  
I was (for a minute) sad yesterday about having my tubes tied.  Am I allowed to be sad even though it was a)  a prayerful decision.  b) I couldn't do it (be pregnant) again....emotionally or physically.  c) I know that our family is complete. d) I am maxed (spell check tells me this is not a word) out as a Mom.  and e) We can't fit an
y more in our house or our "8 seeeeta van" (as Liam calls it).
Audrey Madeleine was blessed on Sunday.  Her pictures will be uploaded to the Mac soon and I'll post them.
Melissa (here is a shameless plug) http://mbmphotostudio.com came to take family photographs last week.  She did a great job and we are so excited to get them back.  We haven't had them done (all together) since Caleb was a baby.  The collage is pricey, but we are going to get it....it's so beautiful.  Don't you agree? (see below)
Even though Liam is almost three, he is still content sleeping in a crib.  Should I move him to a toddler bed?  I hesitate because I don't actuall
y have a good place to store the crib until Audrey is out of the cradle.  That crib has never been stored (always had a baby sleeping in it) since the day Caleb started sleeping in it......eleven and a half years ago.
I think a few of them ducts are dried up....I still don't have enough milk for Audrey.  She gets two or three bottles of formula a day.  I tried pumping, but it yielded no increase in production.  Oh well, there are worse things in life, like not getting enough to eat.
Mike is taking the missionaries to zone conference on Thursday.  They will be there all day, so Mike and the kids are going to spend the day at the museum while they wait.

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