Thursday, April 16, 2009

Right Now

Audrey is cooing and laughing on my bed under an open window.
Lauren is zooming down the hill on her scooter.
Mike is at work, he has the next four days off.  Yea!
Harrison is popping wheelies on his two wheeler. 
Liam is taking a nap.
It's 63 degrees outside.
Gas is $2.01 a gallon.
Our fridge and pantry are full of food.
There is still snow in the yard.
Caleb is writing his version of "2o,ooo Leagues Under the Sea."
Squeals of delight are streaming through my window from outside.
Lundi is working in her favorite math book.
The pine cones still need to be picked up.
I have a broken fingernail.
I need a shower.
The fan is on for white noise when the baby sleeps, she is a light sleeper.
The school kids are walking up the hill.
The grass is brown, soon to be green.
It's 3:27 in the afternoon.
There is a war going on, but we wouldn't know it if nobody told us.
There is an even bigger war going on against evil.
Holy writ sits on my night stand, reminding me that I have not feasted upon it yet this day.
Harrison looks cool with his Boston Red Sox cap and T-shirt and his iPod.  His new favorite song is "Born in the USA."
There is a 30 car pile up in my hallway left there by Liam to go take his n-a-p.
I am thankful that my kids are kind to others.
We are a two car family.
The ladder is leaning against the tree to grant easy access to the lowest branches.
I am nursing Audrey.
We have not been affected by the down turn in the economy, and pray that it stays that way.
There is mail in the mailbox.
I need lotion on my hands, they are dry.


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