Sunday, May 27, 2007

50 things that I love and appreciate.

1 The smell of a wet forest in the fall.
2. Freckles on Lundi's nose.
3. Chocolate
4. France
5. A clean house.
6. Lilacs
7. Humming birds
8. Baby feet.
9. Liam's eyes.
10. Motorcycles
11. The peace and quiet that comes after a big snow fall.
12. My Daddy's Oklahoma accent.
13. The smell of a woodstove burning in the winter time.
14. Fall foliage in Maine.
15. The mountains of Utah.
16. Whale watching.
17. Music
18. Reading
19. Nature
20. Trips with my family.
21. Sleeping
22. The sound and sight of waves on a beach.
23. My husband's gentle disposition.
24. The laughter of my children.
25. Listening to eloquent people speak.
28. Prayer
29. Flowers that my kids pick for me from the yard.
30. Good health.
31. The Holy Ghost
32. My Savior, Jesus Christ.
33. Caleb's enthusiasm.
34. Harrison's sense of humor.
35. My Mother's cooking.
36. Tomatoes right off the vine.
37. The soft skin of a newborn babe.
38. Belly bumps.
39. Lauren's giggles.
40. Nursing a baby to sleep.
41. Crisp, clean sheets that have been dried on the line.
42. The smell of fresh cut grass.
43. Water falls.
44. When my children make good choices without intervention from their parents.
45. Silence.
46. My sisters blog.
47. My friends.
48. Hot Apple Pie.
49. Thunder storms.
50. Reading to little people.

Slumber awaits me. Perhaps I will write more on the morrow.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Two great posts in a row.
Well said.
and welcome to blog world.
I can't wait to hear your stories about having circuses and such for the neighbors!