Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Unpost

I'm tired of seeing the "gone to Utah" post on my blog, aren't you?
I've been waiting for the 1,500 (or so) pictures from our vacation to be transfered from the laptop to this computer so that I could blog about our trip. I'm not sure when that will happen, so I decided to just blog without them.
Some of the best parts were: Watching my kids strengthen relationships with their cousins. Being able to see my Dad, and watching my children interact with him. Staying up late talking with my sister. Niagara Falls (we stopped on the way there). Attending conference with my sister. Dinners with the whole family. Seeing Aunt Pat. Going to the Aviary and Zoo with my sister and her adorable kids. Attending General Conference with Mike, Caleb, Lundi and Harrison and watching the Prophet walk into the Conference Center. Visiting Nauvoo. My kids got to walk to church with their cousins. Going to Wheeler Farm with Mom, Steph, Robyn and all of the eleven kids that we have between us. Seeing Angela and her charming little boys. Seeing the beautiful mountains. Temple Square. Eating at The Roof for our 13th anniversary. Visiting The Church History Museum.
Some of the not so best parts were: A few days before we left, a rock hit our windshield on the right side. As we moved East across the country, the crack moved west and by the time we got home, it was all the way across the windshield.
The final parting, of course. That was bad. The kids (Megan, Natalee, Caleb, Lundi, Harrison and Lauren) were wailing....I mean wailing on Sunday night. They just couldn't bear being separated from their beloved cousins. The kids cried and the adults (secretly) laughed at them. It was the most melodramatic thing any of us had seen in a long, long time. They did, eventually, get over it, after they all cried themselves to sleep.
Utah traffic...ugh. I am not used to that.
Fighting in the van on the way home. We took six days to come home (we stopped in Nauvoo, IL for two days and Palmyra, NY for two days, it was a long time to be on the road) and by Saturday, the kids were fighting. about. every. thing.
It was a great vacation. We'll do it again next year.



Kaity Hall said...

Next year you should stop adn see me. Idaho would love to have ya, if only for a day!!


Stephanie said...

Huh. :)

Glad you made it home.
In almost one piece.

Love you so.