Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Don't Feel Like Blogging

Stuffy noses abound in this house. I need to get to bed early. This is Mike's last week as a full time employee in the ER. He works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then has four days off. During this time we hope to get a lot of the kitchen done. Next Monday he starts his new job as a hospital analyst. I hate cancer, it has claimed the life of another friend. Nana and Grandpa Dan came today to bring Easter treats for the kids. Grandpa Dan brought squirt guns for the whole family. I would say that he is a trouble maker, except that he brought some for Mike and I, too. So that makes him a fun Grandpa. We installed the gate at the bottom of the stairs. But it's only affective if we actually close the gate. Audrey fell down the stairs on Friday night and got a big goose egg out of the deal. The kids only got my wrath. I have such a love/hate relationship with baby gates. I love them because they are good at protecting the baby from a fall. And they keep babies out of places that could be dangerous. But how does a baby learn to safely climb the stairs if they are forbidden to climb those stairs? I guess we won't be taking that gate down until she is five.

This challenge:

....kept me busy for hours when I was a kid. Daddy use to give us this challenge. Nana brought the kids loads of $2.00 bills, so I told them if they could do it, they could trade their $2.00 bills for $100.00.
The rules are:
  • Heals must stay against the wall and flat on the floor.
  • Legs must stay straight.
  • If you fall, you have to start over.
  • You can't hang on to anything.
I don't know if it is actually possible, but I use to have so much fun doing it. The kids loved it, too.
She is SOOOO close.

And moving further and further away from babyhood every day.
But I hope, I pray, I hope and pray some more, that she keeps these:

They are silky, soft, bouncy, sweet smelling and beautiful.
She was sitting on my lap during church today, and I was admiring them and kissing her sweet neck and breathing her in. I was thinking about how I have had six babies, but don't actually remember very much about that (short) stage of their lives. I hope it's different this time. I think I'm going to miss having a baby to cuddle and kiss all the time. Sigh.


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Ok... the curls!! Oh the curls...

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Are you in Maine?? I used to live in Thomaston and also Camden, Maine....