Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Found A Way......

......To get a shower EVERY day!! Guaranteed or your money back. I'm telling you....this thing cost about $60.00 and it is the best thing I have bought in a long time. It fits.....not three, not four, not five....but six kids! All you do is put them in there, throw them a few snacks every hour or two and you can get anything you want done. A shower, a floor swept AND mopped, the dishes done, the laundry folded, the floor vacuumed and phone calls made all in about an hour....WITHOUT finding a baby sitter. Isn't it great?

I think I will go buy another one for the dog. On second thought....if Mattea isn't here, they should all fit comfortably in there with the dog. I love it when i get these great ideas!

I am kidding of course...just in case there are any wackos out there reading my blog who want to call DHS on me. We bought this for the new puppy we are getting for Christmas. The kids wanted to try it out, and act like a bunch of puppies, which is something they do on a regular bases. They usually hang a blanket on a desk to make a dog house, but this was so much more realistic so I let them play...all day! With the gate unlocked. (Not to mention it can be opened from the inside by a human hand).

We are totally ready to get our puppy. We plan to do crate training to house break her. She will be getting her last series of shots, have her hips checked and get the final "ok" from the vet next Friday. Then, she can officially be adopted! We are very excited. We as a family have never had a dog, and I haven't had one since I was a kid. I have been studying up on training, house breaking and general dog care. Things have changed, you know? The last time I cared for a dog, all you needed to do was feed and water it, give it a flea collar, and burn the ticks off when you see them. Now-a-days it's almost like having a baby. You have to show proof of shots, get them licensed, registered with the town and have a vet check them out. I just want to be sure we know what we are getting ourselves into. For school lately, we have been learning together how to take care of her. The other day she came over for a visit and she peed and pooped in the short time that she was here. That was a good exercise for the kids.....I required them to clean it up. I just want them to also know what we are getting ourselves into. The dog will be every ones responsibility.



Stephanie said...

I love this post!!
All six of them?!?
Well worth the money, to be sure!

Nicki said...

That is too funny! Our old crate with the broken latch is in permanant residence in the kids' playroom. They still love "locking" each other in!