Sunday, December 30, 2007

Not Dropped......

I am still here. I could say something really noble, honorable and praiseworthy like...."Since Mike is on school break, I just don't get on the computer much because I want to be with him." While it is true that I love just being a family, having him around and playing lots of games with the kids, the truth is that I just get really lazy when he is home. We get out of our routine with school, the housework and just general life.....especially me, which trickles down to the kids.
Oh, don't get me wrong....I totally appreciate him pitching in so much. I haven't quite figured out if it's that I get lazy so he takes on the household (mostly) or if he runs the household because he wants to give me a break and I readily hand over the reigns. Either way, it is such a wonderful blessing to have such a great and helpful husband. Lately I have spent my time doing those "back burner things" like making crafts, folding and putting away all of the laundry (still working on this one) and teaching Lauren to read (she has been asking for months now, but I haven't taken her seriously because I didn't think she was old enough to "get it." How wrong I was! She is picking it up fast.) Then there is our new puppy. Her name is Abby. Training is...well....time consuming, to say the least. But she already understands sit, lay, come, shake and No! Betsey told me today that someone was talking to her about getting a dog and the person said that if you think of a puppy as a toddler, you won't be surprised at their behavior. That is true. She has to be watched every minute as long as she is out of her kennel. Even if we pick everything up off the floor, she still manages to find wires and other dangerous and deadly things. Toddler? Yes! But with four legs and much more obedient. I wanted to post some pics of her this evening, but I couldn't find the cable to upload them. Soon.
I got a new calling. I knew it was coming. I have had little snidbits (feelings of the Holy Ghost) tell me that I needed to prepare myself for something, but I wasn't sure what. I have been called as Institute Teacher. Ya, I know...I was surprised, too. Me? The one who has barely scratched the surface when it comes to understanding holy writ? Moreover, they are studying the Old Testament this year. Thank goodness there is a manual. I know I have so much to learn and that totally excites me. I have not actually studied the Old Testament in it's entirety since my seminary days......twenty years ago. I guess I have a really good reason to dig deeper into the OT now. The Lord knows what I need.
As for the "Tainted Joy" post....I am sorry about it. I should have kept it private (it has been returned to the archives of my soul). I know better than to let these things get to me. I know it only hurts me to carry a grudge. I have forgiven her for our Christmas conversation (or lack there of) and will forgive her the next time it happens, too. That post was written in between the offense and the forgiving. It was a moment of weakness. It is such a blessing to know that my Savior understands my pain as well as my shortcomings.
Christmas Cards. They did not get out. I are all so very shocked. I know you were all holding your breath, counting on it like the rising of the sun. It's soooo unlike me to not send Christmas cards. I don't want to jinx myself, but maybe there will be a New Years news letter, or maybe a Valentines one...or maybe a Saint Patrick's Day letter, or maybe even an Easter news letter if I really procrastinate. I am so good at that, as you know. Sometime this year you will get one...maybe.
I'm off to bed.


Marie said...

Blogging is a beautiful thing. We don't know as much as we think we know about each other. Love to you.

Kim said...

May I ask..."what did you learn about me?" Just wondering. And did you get the burden of reading my "Tainted Joy" post? I am not particularly proud of that post and am hoping not many people read it.