Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Nappy Yew Hear!! or Yappy Hew Near!!

Indeed it is. I found the cable for uploading the pictures. As it turns out my darling husband took it to upload some pics to his computer. I don't know what he was thinkin'.
The kids got out their skis today. Thankfully (thanks to the good ole hand-me-downs), we only have to outfit one kid this year. (Caleb, of course). We found some in the basement to fit Lundi, Harrison and Lauren so that will save us $$$.
Even though Caleb's skis are too small, he opted to try to ski with them anyway. He complained to me that it just wasn't working out for him. Number one, the snow in the neighborhood just wasn't like the snow at the mountain. (I tried to explain to him that they don't groom the neighborhood like they do Titcomb Mountain). His other complaint was that his skis needed to be waxed. I said "Son, those skis are too small for you so they just won't work right." He didn't believe me. Needless to say, he spent more time walking through the snow than he did actually skiing. Stubborn kid. I just don't know where he gets it.

Harrison, on the other hand...wrote an entirely different story.....

He was just so happy to be in skis again, it didn't matter to him that the snow was too "fluffy." He had fun.

I am really looking forward to getting the kids into lessons again (starting next week). They love it so much and I love watching them progress every year. Plus I love to sit in the lodge by the fire and catch a glimpse of them when they come down the mountain. That's my idea of a great day of skiing. Wait....it might not be so enjoyable this year....I'll have a crazy toddler to keep track of. I think we ought to reconsider our decision to start him on skis next year. Is one year old too young? Probably. But I really enjoy the society of women who bring their kids to lessons. It really is the best part of my day during the winter. Maybe I will find a babysitter for Liam, or maybe I will have to turture him by strapping him into the stroller.

I just went upstairs to let the dog out to potty....this is what I found when I opened the sliding glass door:
The forecast is 18" between today and tomorrow. I think we'll get it....do you?


Stephanie S. said...

Yay! How fun.
Are the hills just in your neghborhood that you guys go down?
The ones in this picture?

Kim said...

The area we live in is Mountainous. We live on a hill, which is also a dead end, and is only about a tenth of a mile long. There are only eight houses on our street (and people drive very slowly), so i just let the kids ski on the road. Also, our neighbor has a sloped driveway and they were skiing there, too. One of the pictures is of Caleb actually trying to ski in the woods....crazy kid.