Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Unbeatable Offer! Free for the taking. Anyone want her? Her name is Hannah (subject to change if you prefer) and she's had the spotlight stolen from her by another little girl named Abby. She comes with food, water and all accessories. The poor thing needs a better home than ours. She has been neglected since Abby moved in and doesn't get the attention she deserves. We told the kids about a week ago that if we found her cage in the messy state that it was in at that time, we would be getting rid of her. Well, it's now time to follow through. No one has taken care of her. She is pretty low maintance. She needs food, water, her cage cleaned out every 3-4 days and her wings clipped every few months so you can let her out to fly every once in a while.....but she will fly back to your finger. She is a good bird, just ignored around here. Any takers?

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