Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today (I couldn't think of a catchy title.)

We took the van to the garage this evening. It needs a few minor repairs before it will pass (the overdue) inspection. Good news is the car only cost $30.00 to fix that horrible noise. We Love You Pete Winslow!!! You are the best mechanic we have ever had!
Today was ski day and my children redeemed themselves. They had a chance to clarify their expectations of me ("be in the lodge when we are done, Mom") and I made clear my expectations of them, too. ("only three runs after lessons are done."). Sometimes it's all about communication of expectations.
Mike starts a new rotation tomorrow, which means we won't see him until Saturday.
C&L had Achievement Days at the church tonight and both enjoyed it. Lundi made Valentines in her class. Caleb reviewed the "My Gospel Standards (found here).....
Also, Brother Howatt brought his (very extensive) coin collection and let the boys drool all over it. Caleb was inspired and wants to start one as a new hobby.
There was someone from The Sun Journal doing a report on Titcomb Mountain. She took pictures of Lauren skiing and will include one in her report. Lauren said she is "kind of shy" and didn't want to be interviewed, she wouldn't even tell the lady her name. Caleb explained fame to her and she wants nothing to do with it. Good thing it's only the Sun Journal.
Lundi skied the main today at neck breaking speed. I try not to watch. She is getting so good and has alot more control this year. I have to remind myself "trust her, she knows her limits."
We changed the way we feed Abby. She gets each meal split into two courses, an hour apart. She has not thrown up today. Good thing....Mike isn't around and that is one thing I can't handle. That's one thing that makes Mike a good nurse, he can! Love him!!!
Liam needs a hair cut really bad.
All (5) of the hampers in the house runneth over. Since we have no van for the next couple of days, it will be a good time to get the laundry done.
Baby wakes....g'night all.


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