Monday, January 19, 2009


I love them, I hate them. They are great for building, enhancing skills, imagination, fine motor development. Caleb uses them as a way to escape when he has had his fill of his younger sibs (he has his own room now). He can build amazing things and can duplicate any star wars vehicle even though he doesn't have the real sets.
I have found them in diapers, car seats, the bath tub, in the washer and dryer, under the fridge and in many mouths. Truth be known, I like them best when they are in the bucket on the shelf. But of course, that is no way to appreciate Lego's when you are a kid. Oh no, they MUST be dumped out so that you can more easily find that missing hand that inevitably sinks to the bottom of the bucket.
I have a me mean. My policy is that if someone steps on a Lego that is on the floor of any common room of the house, then that person has the liberty to throw it away, unanounced. The only exception is if Liam brought them out and left them on the floor.
This policy is subject to change if anyone has a better idea of how to save feet from the pain of these wonderful/terrible toys.

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