Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Pictures

Hello everyone. Thanks for all of the well wishes and other comments. We are adjusting well and Audrey is sleeping longer every night. I think her record is five hours, which is great except for the fact that I wake up with a wet shirt and bed.
The only place I have been with all six kids by myself is to church. They did great. I even left to go nurse the baby during sacrement meeting. J.S. took Liam on her lap and fed him crackers, the others sat very reverently.

Harrison and Audrey

Here are a few new pictures....
Audrey in the bath

Five fingers

Lauren and Audrey serious . Lauren kissing herself in the mirror.

This is what Audrey did while the rest of the family went roller skating.....


Kaity Hall said...

*sigh* I miss you guys so much!!! You're kids are soooooo beatuiful!!!

Shannie B said...

absolutely adorable. i love the pictures of the siblings holding audrey. black & white gives them such a nice effect. my favorite is the last one of audrey sleeping. precious!