Monday, September 14, 2009

The Barn

This has become one of our favorite places to play. The kids say that it's like a museum. It has many secret passages, antiques, rolling doors, hay covered floors and places to explore. The barn swings are the biggest attraction.
Our friends moved from here a few weeks ago and we went on Saturday to do some harvesting in their humongous garden. We ate cherry tomatoes right off the vine. Yummy!!!

Harrison in the barn.

This is the neighbor cutting the hay.
Lundi looking out.
Lauren trying to figure out the record player.
Lauren on barn swing.
They tried on these "pioneer clothes."
They found this old record player and asked "What is this?"
Harrison on the barn swing.
Busy spider.
This ladder was so high.
Audrey with Lundi (the other Mommy).
Caleb said that this chest was one recovered from the Titanic.
The kids ask to go to Gabi's almost every day. We would go if it was closer. They think it's more fun than an amusement park. Free fun is always the best.
We thank our friends for the open invitation to visit their old stomping ground.


1 comment:

Tara said...

I'm so glad you guys are enjoying it (and harvesting the garden). I would really have a hard time if I thought the garden was going to waste!

It does make me a bit homesick, though.. we never got to go through the barn the way you are (we had too much of our own stuff stacked in there) though I'm sure Bob had seen most if not all of the many treasures. We do miss the barn swings... there is something uniquely calming and relaxing about barn swings - more so than any other swing.

Sometimes I dream that someone we know and love will buy the place - then we could go back and visit some time... oh well, memories are memories for a reason... thanks for sharing.