Friday, September 11, 2009

I Remember


Photo: AP/Shawn Baldwin

I was on the bed in our apartment in Salt Lake. I was half asleep, nursing Harrison. Mike comes into the room. "Kim, wake up, our country is under attack!!!" I quickly got up and went into the living room to watch the horrific scenes play out on the screen. Wailing. Crying. Sirens. Destruction. Fear. People lost, not knowing where to go or what was happening. Wandering aimlessly down the streets, helping those who couldn't walk on their own. Papers flying. People jumping to their death to escape the flames and smoke. Orange flames shooting out the sides of buildings. Black smoke. Blue sky. Chaos and confusion everywhere. Mouths agape. People bleeding and burned. Dry throats gasping for air and water. Rescuers anxiously waiting for direction from their chiefs. Calling all ambulances and firefighters. Tears. Spectators. I think that those of us far away had a better idea of what was going on than those who were right there. My initial reaction..."We WILL get you back!!!" Then, my two year old brings things into perspective. She knelt down in front of the TV, folded her little chubby hands, squinted her eyes and said "Hevney Fodder, pease bess the people to not be sad. Name Jesus Christ, amen." I immediately scooped her up, hugged her and cried. Thanked the Lord for such a special child. I continued to watch in horror. Wondering who would be next, but at the same time having full confidence in our military. "They just have to mobilize" I thought, "Then this will be under control." So many heart broken people, wondering if their loved ones survived. Unbelievable, but yet there were the pictures. The memories still make me cry.
I spoke with the kids about this horrific day. I know they will never appreciate it, just as I will never fully appreciate the attack on Pearl Harbor. You have to live these events in order to fully comprehend the magnitude of them. I hope they never do.

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