Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The job, that is.
Mike: The Hospital Analyst.
He'll be trading in his scrubs and stethoscope for a laptop and a pager. He'll stay on per diem in the ER. He'll miss doing it full time, but the money was just too good to pass up. Not to mention what an incredible career move this is going to be. He'll be working days, as in regular business hours. He'll be able to work about half the time from home. It will be nice to have him home every night for arsenic hour(as labeled by B.H.)/dinner/FHE/SS&P/bed/to hang out with. We found out yesterday that an offer was coming, today we got the official offer and accepted it. Mike is a little nervous about starting a new job. He'll start orientation in the middle of April. He gave his official notice to his current boss. Ed congratulated him and admitted that he would have been stupid to turn this down, even though it will leave a third whole (one person is leaving the ER, one is on LOA) in the ER. I guess there will be plenty of per diem hours. I hope he loves the new job as much as he loves the ER. If not, this isn't a one-way-ticket.
Isn't it um......weird/messed-up/interesting that they pay someone more to analyze than they do to save people? Nurses are severely under paid.


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