Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lundi's Letter From Camp Tanglewood

Dear Mom,
I made only two friends. Haili and Rissa. It started out pretty bad. I was so nervous that I dumped my water on my plate. I took some pictures and played a card game called Spit. The camp nurse is really nice. Rissa and Haili are like me. Kinda shy and picky and brave. And we all like swimming. And of course, in my cabin there is a bratty girl. I love you.


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Tara said...

At least she wrote... when my sister (Rissa... how funny, actually that was her nickname her name is Clarissa) would go, if she wrote it was maybe two sentences. My mother use to get on her about it because when I wrote, my mother actually knew what was going on... I write... I talk... I'm just different then her.

Glad to know Lundi has made two friends.. thats better than nothing... that she's keeping you informed...and hey, I remember Spit... use to be one of my favorite card games!