Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear Blog

I miss you. I do. I will spend time with you soon. But it will have to be later. Because the kids want to be signed up for soccer and Caleb broke his hand and I am now cub master and nursery leader and I have a toddler who loves to climb stairs, get hurt and constantly put things in her mouth. I have a garden to harvest and friends to visit and a husband to love and kids to snuggle. School has started, so you know what that means. I have a four year old who is begging me to teach him to read. I have a good friend who is (sadly) getting a divorce and a vacation to plan and decisions to make about how many times I should pick up dirty laundry before I complain. I have my own spirituality to work on and six children who need guidance on how to treat each other and their neighborhood friends. I have strawberries to pick and doctor appointments and tomatoes that need to be canned. I found out today that Lundi still has pain in her foot. She hurt it back in June but didn't want to tell me that it was still hurting because she wanted to swim all summer. She has x-rays tomorrow. I have cobwebs on my ceiling and dirt under the rugs and sheets to be changed and laundry to be washed. I watched someone die last week and I watched someone come to a new life last month. I love my blessed life, and I would love to share more of it with you. But under the circumstances, I feel like I should be elsewhere.



kath001 said...

May I suggest a nap for Mommy? :)


Kim said...

I don't know how I managed to get so many of those while i had babes in utero. My house must have been really messy back then.