Friday, May 27, 2011

Lauren's Troublesome Toe

I think we have discovered one of the worst ways to hurt yourself right before summer.
It looks like this:

This dadgum toe has caused her so much grief and pain. It originated when she dropped Mike's laptop on it. That was on Thursday, May 19th. We took her to the ER that night to have the nail drilled to release the pressure that was building up behind the nail. That didn't do any good. They also sent her for an x-ray and ruled out a fracture. So aaallllll of the pain was because of the huge hematoma behind the nail. They gave her crutches and told her to not walk on it for a few days. Well, at first those crutches caused her more harm than good because she is so floppy. But then she got the hang of it and has been doing pretty good. They also gave her Tylenol with codeine for the pain....she was crying incessantly. It HURT!!!! So all week we've been restricting her play, letting her watch a whole bunch of NetFlix, keeping it elevated, and keeping ice on it. On Saturday we took her back to the ER because she was still in a lot of pain. The pediatrician recommended we go get it drilled again (they don't do that in the office). But by then it was coagulated (supposedly) and drilling wouldn't produce any release of blood. Then I called the doctor again on Tuesday because she just wasn't getting any relief. She was still in alot of pain....waking up in the night crying, not walking on it, not even letting us put a blanket on her. The pediatrician referred us to the orthopedic surgeon. He reviewed the x-ray, reiterated the same thing the ped. told us, agreed there was no fracture and sent us home. Yesterday morning I noticed it was flaming red and hot around the nail bed. Mike agreed that it looked infected. I took her in.....again. The doctor then became concerned with a blood or bone infection. That meant she had to have yet another x-ray. I know....painless, right? And it was. But she also had to have blood drawn from both arms!!! That was traumatic! I had to hold her down and it made me feel terrible. I hate restraining my kids while other people hurt them!! The preliminary labs indicated no infection....good news. We had to wait until late yesterday evening to see if she would be admitted for i.v. antibiotics. She didn't have to be admitted. Phew!! RELIEF!!! They prescribed this really strong, nasty smelling puke inducing oral antibiotic. She took a dose last night, but then when I gave it to her today she threw up. It smells like cat poop. IT IS NASTY!!! We had a follow up today so the doctor could check it again to make sure the infection hadn't spread. It wasn't any better, but it wasn't any worse. Which meant she would not be admitted. Relief again!! She was so worried about being admitted and having to be there for her birthday and missing her baptism. They sent us home with a tablet form of that same antibiotic. She was very glad about that. She is pretty good about swallowing pills. The doctor told her she could stop using the crutches as long as it didn't hurt too much. She hasn't been able to walk on at all until yesterday when the doctor said she could stop using the crutches.
Tonight I was putting flowers in my window boxes and all of the kids were playing in the driveway. And wouldn't you know it?? That TOE!! Liam stepped on it. She wailed, and screamed, and cried and thrashed about. And so much for all of that blood being bled profusely!! Made me feel like I was going to pass out. It was gushing. If Mike would not have been here, I would have called 911. It was that bad. I freaked.....I hate blood. Once it stopped gushing, we could see what happened. You know the bottom of the toenail where it's tucked into your toe at the bottom of the nail bed? Well, there is a slit all the way across her nail bed and the nail is completely ripped out at the bottom, but still connected a little bit on the sides (WARNING: graphic pictures below!!). It is so gross!! We knew the nail would fall off.....eventually. But Liam wanted to expedite the process I guess. What is supposed to happen is this: The body knows that the nail is falling off. So it will make a callus in the nail bed to protect the nail bed until the new nail grows. Well, since the nail is falling off prematurely it means that the nail bed has no protection. It is extremely's just a raw nail bed. She can't get it wet, she can't walk on it and she can't do anything to make it bleed again. So she's going to have a pretty crappy summer. The worst part of all of this is that she can't be baptized tomorrow. She was absolutely heart broken when I told her. She has been looking forward to this for months. I assured her that she still gets to get baptized, just not on her birthday. After a good cry (another one) and some big hugs she was okay.
Now we just have to wait....and wait....and wait for that dadgum toe to heal. In the meantime we have to give her some strong pain meds, keep her on the antibiotic so it doesn't get infected, (the risk is much greater now that the skin is compromised) restrict her play (tie her to the couch) and change the dressing four times a day.
Here is the toe during dressing change tonight:

I just keep wondering how that toe can get any worse. I've got to stop saying that!!!!!!



kath001 said...

You have no idea how much my blood pressure went up just reading that! Thanks for the warning about the bottom pics. I did peek at them, but I steeled myself first. Poor, poor baby! Of all of the bumps and bruises and worse I've heard of from your houseful, this one is the one that really got to me. Prayers for the sweet girl and her mama!

And just some info to tuck away for the future... I am 53yo, and NO ONE has EVER successfully been able to get blood from my arms. It's a butterfly in the back of my hand or nothing. People freak when I say that, but it so much less stress and pain for me...they once got twenty something vials at one time that way...of course they had to change hands a couple of times. Grandma was hard to draw blood from as well...another lovely family trait.

Kim said...

Between keeping her down and keeping the other kids away from her, protecting the toe has become a full time job. I spoke with the doctor again this morning......I noticed that the dressing was pressing on the nail, causing it to open again and again. It bled alot during the night!! I wondered if we could expedite healing by surgically removing the nail. I also found out that that white part at the bottom is actually the nail root. Taking off the nail could damage the matrix of the root, jeopardizing further the loss of the nail completely. Even though it is almost off, it is actually helping the healing process. So at this point we are hoping and praying that the nail does indeed grow back....right now it's in question.
Oh and the double blood draw....that wasn't because they missed the first time. It's because when testing for blood infection they need to draw from two different sites.
We are so anxious for this to be over!!!!

Tara said...

How awful! I'm so sorry for Lauren - toes are no fun when hurt!

It is good to know that she wants to be baptized so much that he's upset that she can't (not that it's good that she has to be upset at all).

Tell her we love her and our prayers are for a fast recovery!